Logo for: The Meriden Foundation

About The Meriden Foundation

Founded in 1932, The Meriden Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to creating an all-inclusive community and improving the well-being of the citizens of Meriden, Connecticut and its surrounding area.

The Meriden Foundation Provides:

  • Scholarships to local high school students
  • Grants to charitable organizations focused on helping individuals, families and their communities without regard to race, color, gender or creed

The Meriden Foundation shall be operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes for the benefit of the City of Meriden and its residents.

The Meriden Foundation would like to thank the Ash, Clark, Coggins, Cone, Corbett, D'Amato, Flanagan, Gardner, Hasburg, Hermaszewski, Higgins, Hinsdale, King, Mesite, Mueller, Naszczyniec, Packer, Reeves, Ricci, Sage, Samaris, Strong, Targonsky, Toifl, Wanat, Winslow, and Zaleski Family Funds for their generation donations.